Eight Packing Hacks One Must Follow!!

June 29, 2018 by No Comments

Let’s face it. Packing your travel bags before a big trip can be a bit daunting. What if you forget something? Or run out of space? Will your bag be overweight? Don’t stress! Packing your suitcase is a cinch when you know how. We’ve put together these handy travel hacks that will have you packed up and ready to go in no time. Adventure is out there. And by “there” we don’t mean at your place working up a sweat trying to jam the last item into your bag or at the airport awkwardly wrestling your luggage.

 Work In Categories

Before writing your packing list, break your list up into categories. Regularly include Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, Hair & Shower items, Make-up, and Carry-on bag. Feel free to be as specific or unspecific as you’d like. I find it easier to list out almost every single thing, but do whatever works most efficiently for you! The best part about having a list..?? Once you’re done, you can see that you’ve checked off all of your items, which will give you some well-deserved peace of mind, and take away any “did I forget something?” feelings


Pack Half Of What You Need

If you’re embarking on a short holiday that only requires a hand-carry luggage, packs half of what you would usually bring. Chances are, you probably might not use half of what you bring, so why to waste those precious kilograms trying to bring more clothing options that won’t likely ever be taken out of the suitcase!

Stuff You Shoes With Socks

If your Suitcase is running low on space, then start optimizing the procedure by packing smart. The easiest method to free up space, Roll your socks up into balls and stuff them into the shoes that you’ve packed. Not only do they help to keep your footwear from denting during the rough handling process, they also free up some space for other stuff.


Share your packing space

Traveling with your boyfriend or your husband? Share your clothes between both of your pieces of luggage. So in the unfortunate incident that one of your bags go missing, you’ve still got a spare outfit in each other’s baggage to tide you through the day. Secondly, you also get to use some of his unused baggage space, freeing up more luggage compartments for your shopping.

Roll Your Clothes

Rather than flat-packing or folding your clothing items, save even more space by rolling them up. There are plenty of tutorials out there that can teach you how to roll a blazer or a certain skirt so you don’t damage the item, but the consensus we all agree on is that folding your clothes not only takes up more space in your Suitcase, your clothes are more likely to crease up too.

Use Straws For Jewelry Or Use Pill Containers

Tired of your jewelry or accessories getting all tangled? Even our nicest jewelry travel Suitcase still allows long necklace and bracelets to get tangled, so start using the straw trick. Simply grab a straw (paper, plastic, whatever works here), and cut it into 2 pieces. Then, take a necklace and string it through the straw. That way, when the jewelry items are all laid together, the straw part allows them not to tangle. It’s a godsend, we are telling yah!


Snap a Picture of Your First Pack Job

We’ve all been there. You’re mid-repack thinking, “How did I fit all of this here?!” Take the mystery of our repacking by snapping a picture of your initial Luggage Bag packing layout. No need to play packing Tetris when you can simply refer to the photo for help. Unless of course, that’s how you like to spend your free time!


Be Bag Wise

If you’re flying, be sure to keep you carry-on Luggage Bag small enough to fit into the overhead compartment. If you need to check in luggage, make it easier to spot on the carousel by adding some colorful ribbons, a badge or sticker so you know it’s yours.


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